Introduction To Product Management

To prosper, any business that sells products must excel in product management, delivering quality products driven by customer needs fast with minimum development costs.

Product management is very daunting especially to someone who is new at the role.  Without effective training the chance of success is slim.

We do not offer public training courses as we know that it is more effective to develop and deliver a structured course with practical workshop sessions that really reflect the needs of a company. We will consider your organisation structure, processes and procedures, governance and areas that require focus to achieve maximum impact.

Customised courses prove particularly beneficial at virtual team formation events in readiness for commencement of a new product development or as a catalyst for change to the way products are managed. It is also particularly useful in providing a consistent and common understanding of requirements, processes and procedures to all concerned prior to the establishment of a new product governance framework.

Our training could include:

  • The Roles of a  product manager
  • Product Development Teams
  • Components of a product
  • The marketing  mix
  • Company Specific  Product Management Processes
    • New Product Management  or Product Enhancements
    • In-Life Product Management
    • Value Proposition Development
    • Product  Withdrawal
  • Effective management of cross-divisional virtual project teams.
  • Managing Risks, Issues and Change.
  • Market analysis
  • Product Growth  Strategy
  • Performance  Measures
  • Customer  Centricity
  • Tools & Templates for:
    • Time Management
    • Market  Requirement Definitions
    • Product  Definitions
    • Product Trials
    • Product Plans
    • Product  Performance (KPI,s)
    • Product  specific training strategy
    • In-life product management (models and checklists).
  • Shared knowledge  on how to reduce time to launch and common product management pitfalls.