Introduction to Corporate Risk Management

Course Objectives:

1.Demystify risk management so all employees can contribute.
2.Broad understanding of risk management
3.Understanding principles of risk management
4.Introduction to risk management tools and processes
5.Practise Identification and assessment of risks
6.Building a corporate or departmental risk register.
7.Application of acquired knowledge.
8.The course will enable all employees to participate actively to keep all an organisations risk as low as reasonably practicable, to conduct basic risk assessments and develop and maintain a corporate or departmental  risk register.

Course Description

 “Introduction to Corporate Risk Management” is a one day course aimed at introducing employees and managers at all levels of an organisation to the principles, tools, and techniques of corporate risk management. This will enable all employees to understand risks and participate in managing them effectively within their organisations.

The course explores different types of risks such as technical, safety, financial, strategic, reputation, etc. with examples of major catastrophes.

Through short lectures and facilitated exercises delegates will learn to identify, assess, prioritise and manage risks effectively

On successful completion of  the final exercise, all attendees will be issued a formal certificate of achievement.

The course can be modified to allow a group of employees from an organisation to conduct a real exercise to create departmental or corporate risk register.

Course Content

1.What is risk?
2.Brief history of risk
3.Examples of major consequences
4.Examples of risk regulations
5.Qualitative and quantitative risk
6.Principles of risk management
7.Risk assessments
8.Developing a risk register
9.Final exercise