If you do need to improve your company’s product management performance, we offer a mentoring service that provides product managers with one-to-one coaching and assistance through all stages of a product life cycle

How does Product Management Mentoring help?

  • Obtain  the required support from someone who has successfully managed products, new product developments, product withdrawals, product migrations, product management and governance processes at the highest level and can coach you on becoming world class.
  • Utilise the skills and experience of someone who understands the pressures of product Management and can help with your planning or issue resolution.

What topics do we cover in our product management mentoring?

  • Help people to understand the processes, procedures and tools and templates for managing the entire product life-cycle.
  • Creating market requirement descriptions, product definitions, business case, product manuals and product and marketing development plans.
  • Establishing and managing product development virtual project teams.
  • Creating trial entry and exit criteria and plans and how to effective manage risks, issues and change.
  • Support and guidance on managing products including the implementation of Key Performance Indicators and the establishment of product teams to review and manage  product performance and reporting.
  • Developing and implementing product management processes (traditional or CRM based).
  • Developing and implementing product management training.


How do we deliver the Product Management Mentoring?

We’re happy to deliver it Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Anyhow

  • We will fit in to your busy schedule.
  •  Face to face on a one to one basis either at your office or in the field
  • Phone based follow-up and individual help at any time