Quality Assurance

We are highly experienced in quality assurance and are huge ambassadors of Quality Management Systems (QMS), tools and techniques. However, our focus is on just helping companies where the implemented systems have become burdensome and bureaucratic.

If people don’t think they would be audited, things often get left to be completed at a later date and are forgotten. This often ends up with huge remedial expenses and negative impact to the company’s brand and image. On the other hand, spending too much time on unnecessary “quality aspects” may for example cause delays to the development and launch of a product. This could prove totally disastrous if you miss the window of opportunity to achieve maximum market share or even worse end up with a product that is obsolete before it is launched.

Recognize the above scenarios? Need help in achieving the optimum balance?

We know that getting the balance right is critical and we can help you to maintain the necessary quality controls and yet make a huge positive impact on cost and operational efficiency. We can also help from a quality perspective with the design, development and testing of new products and processes. Please do contact us if you require assistance.